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  • Samsung Galaxy SIII

    5 Great Phones for a Young Entrepreneur

    Having a phone that is reliable, durable and flexible is a necessity for any entrepreneur in today’s world. A phone that is reliable is the key to ensuring that the great team you have brought together is able to get in touch with you in times of crisis and opportunity. […]

  • Hot!

    Basecamp Top Tool For Graphic Designers

    Found this originally by way of the Basecamp Product Blog. Basecamp was just mentioned over on GraphicDesignDegrees as the top tool for graphic designers. The massive post titled “Top 100 Graphic Design Blogs” was mostly a feature of the top 100 graphic designers, but towards the middle they had a […]

  • main_milestones

    Top 5 Basecamp iPhone Apps

    As you undoubtedly know, Basecamp is a simple and effective online project management system. And a few fortune 500 companies are even using it. One of the things Basecamp did from the beginning – and did well – was open itself up through its API to developers, in order to develop outside […]

  • Hot!

    Basecamp for Blackberry, Android AND iPhone

    You read that right folks. A new app is being released with versions on the Blackberry and iPhone that will allow you to connect each device to your favorite online project management application, Basecamp. For the full post check out: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/kompass_will_take_basecamp_mobile_for_the_first_ti.php Kompass, the company producing the new software says the […]

  • Hot!

    Basecamp Blackberry

    Blackberry’s are extremely popular. I remember sitting in a restaurant in Miami a few years ago, watching my uncle’s blackberry flash and ring and beep. For a little while it went unanswered, but after a few minutes of family talk, he reached for it on his belt, typed away with […]