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  • The Diamonds

    Venture X Coworking Offices

    Brett Diamond recently gave our Zincubate Editorial Board an exclusive behind the scenes look at Venture X, a revolutionary new coworking facility in Naples, FL. Venture X will be opening early October 2012 in the Mercato Shopping Center. This revolutionary and state of the art facility is built on the model […]

  • Business Web Design Guide

    Business Web Design Guide

    Atilus CEO and Florida Gulf Coast University Alumni of Distinction Zach Katkin will be offering a FREE webinar on Tuesday, August 7. Zach is an internet expert and sought out speaker on tech trends. All registered attendees will receive a free copy of his newest book, Business Web Design Guide: Everything a […]

  • CD fundraiser

    The Central Desktop Gives Initiative Chooses Autumn Recipient – Breast Cancer Fundraiser

    Central Desktop recently donated the use of its online, collaborative project management application to a charitable organization as part of its initiative to help not for profit organizations to enhance their communications and connect within their communities.  The Central Desktop Gives programme came to life in August of this year […]

  • User Testing

    User Testing Promo

    This week only Treehouse, web development and tech training authority, is offering three free usability tests for members who sign up. All you have to do is sign up for a membership at, and they’ll get you your customized code to sign up at So, you have to […]

  • Zincubate Launch Giveaway Winner

    Zincubate Launch Giveaway Winner

    If you’ve followed the progression of this website from the project management powerhouse of to the more comprehensive and inclusive technology resource, you probably have noticed some changes. To mark and commemorate the transformation from Promana to, we thought – what better than a poster… Mark Porter, […]

  • HootSuite Pro

    HootSuite: THE Social Network Manager

    Social networks have been around for a few years now and we’ve even witnessed the demise (MySpace) and introduction (Google+) of a couple. We’re all used to communicating on a personal level using these networks. As a society, it has become the way in which we connect. I was able […]

  • Wrike Project Management

    Wrike Introduces New Local Backup Feature

    Wrike has recently announced the introduction of its new backup facility that lets its users save a local copy of their work.  Recognizing that its online project management application is an integral part of their clients day to day business, storing important and essential information, that if they were without […]

  • icons
    Hot! Gallery

    Throwback and Have Some Fun!

    The launch of Zincubate is finally here, and what better way to mark it’s arrival than with some really cool artwork we’ve commissioned from Andres Romero, aka Blo0p! See if you can figure out which 80’s or 90’s star was the muse…   Leave your thoughts in the comments – […]

  • Facebook Ads Do They Even Work

    Facebook: The New Realm for Remarketing

    I was reading an article recently regarding Facebook’s new remarketing tool: Facebook Exchange. Investors and consumers alike have questioned the potential profitability of Facebook, and it seems the company is looking for ways outside of its traditional advertisements to bring in some revenue. Remarketing Defined – Simply Remarketing is not a new concept – Google has […]

  • LinkedIn For Business

    LinkedIn for Business: How to Use LinkedIn

    What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a relatively new platform for social media networking. Think of it as the Facebook for professionals (without the inundation of Farmville and other game requests).  This site is used to “link” these professionals across all areas of business and all industries. Whether you are looking to market […]