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Hot! Clarizen Integrated Communications – What is the Work Funnel?

Traditionally, the management of project activities, resources, and the like is inherently separate to the process of clarizencommunicating by email. Of course, project management applications, like Wrike, for example, let you create new tasks by sending an email into the workspace, but Clarizen has a much wider vision, and that is to integrate the structured management & operational processes directly with the unstructured communications.

Clarizen has produced an environment that supports collaboration and sees related conversations and management outputs residing together in a single central place, which means teams are collaborating, communicating, updating activities & information and managing processes within a single context of the work package or project on which they are working.

So, how does the Work Funnel contribute to this position?

Think about Facebook, for example, and the Work Funnel aims to do something just like this by establishing the social graph and creating teams.  These teams will communicate and some of these communications will end up being project activities, which could, in turn become deliverables that could then have resources and processes attached to ensure their successful delivery!  This is the Work Funnel.

As a project management application, Clarizen also enables you to manage priorities and establish and manage theemail links between dependent tasks, but the Work Funnel manages the entire cycle of activity from the production of the initial social graph through to the final delivery with the communications and conversations through the social community being the essential driver.

So, at a time when many are against email as a principle business communication tool because of its unstructured nature and general inability to keep track of it within a business context, Clarizen, through the Work Funnel is keen to promote its integrated use, but funnelling conversations, activities and processes into the right place.

Clarizen is one of the more heavyweight collaborative project management applications available on the market, over the cloud.  With a free evaluation period, you can try it out for size before committing to one of the monthly subscription offers.  Clarizen also now offers mobile provision for both iOS and Android devices to ensure teams can keep fully informed and engaged even when they are out of the office and on the move.

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Jan Birley

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