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Hot! DeskAway Introduces New Image Preview

deskaway imageDeskAway has recently announced the introduction of its new Image Preview feature.   This is a development that has been on their roadmap for a while but has recently received the attention needed to push it out to DeskAway clients.

How does it work?  Previously, images that were uploaded into DeskAway were opened in a popup window where they could be previewed.  The use of popup windows for this type of preview caused inherent problems for many customers who’s browsers would often block their display.  Of course, the more IT literate users might be able to change their browser settings to circumvent this problem, but for those who don’t know how or, indeed, where corporate network settings prevent users from changing their settings, the use of popup windows for previews could cause a significant issue.

The new Image Preview functionality now displays uploaded images on the same screen, but shown within a window that is  modal.  The previewed image can also be downloaded, through a link within the preview window.  It is worth noting, though, that this new way of previewing images is only available for images that have been uploaded after the go-live of the new deskaway front screenpreview feature – those images that were loaded before this time will still be previewed in a separate popup window.

About DeskAway

Project management is a key activity in many businesses and organizations and the ability to work in an online and collaborative way is essential to help companies to grow and succeed in their particular specialist areas. DeskAway is project management application that is available online, through a monthly subscription and is there on-demand  for its users.

The key features within DeskAway allow project managers, team members and business owners work together in a collaborative way to manage project tasks, set and track milestones, and share documents and files through a single central location, with a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

In this very competitive market place, the ability to allow customers to migrate easily from one project management application to another is essential in trying to attract customers from competitive products – Central Desktop does this well with its import from other similar products, such as, Basecamp. Other useful features within in DeskAway include events planning, invoice management, marketing projects and the ability to create and distribute newsletters.   On a security front, DeskAway offers a high level of security through 256-bit SSL encryption making it almost impossible for information to be stolen over the cloud.

DeskAway offers a free version that lets users work with a single project and includes up to three team members.

For more information on DeskAway and to sign-up for a free trial, please visit:







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