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Hot! Easy e-Commerce: A Business Start-Up

This is a guest post by Kimberly Williams, the owner of Forever Yours Boutique. Here, Kim discusses the tremendous success she has been able to experience due to Shopify, a top e-commerce website builder. To visit her Shopify creation and see what kind of e-commerce site you can build, visit www.foreveryoursboutique.com. 

When a person refers to “doors opening for them,” it typically means that new opportunities or chances for success have arrived. It’s a figure of speech. But for me, it means much more.

Shopify Opened Doors For My Boutique

Most small businesses first begin with a brick-and-mortar store, and then wander into the world of e-commerce. My story, however, is a little different. I launched Forever Yours Boutique as a fashion boutique in August of 2010.  It started with an easy template for an online store from Shopify. The creation of my online showroom took me less than 5 hours to complete from start to finish.

Forever Yours offers a showcase of clothing and accessories that appeal to women who appreciate high fashion, but who are frugal shoppers. I personally select each and every product with help from some of southwest Florida’s biggest fashion enthusiasts, and no item in my store is priced more than $50. I have this philosophy: I would never sell something that I would not buy for myself.  You can imagine my target market is extremely focused, so it can be difficult to reach them. Enter the perfect e-commerce solution: a personalized template and quick installation – a la Shopify.

Shopify For a Non Tech Person

I have absolutely no previous web design experience. Although we have been successful with generating devoted followers on our Facebook page, I am not really great with technology. The thought of opening an e-commerce store was daunting. So, I turned to good friend and former classmate Harry Casimir, Chief Technology Officer for the business technology e-magazine Zincubate.

When it came to suggesting an e-commerce software solution, Harry told me Shopify was his clear recommendation for me. After developing my e-commerce store, I’m thankful that I chose Shopify to avoid the pitfalls (and price hikes) that are out there. It saved me time and money.

Shopify Markets My Business For Me

I believe that businesses such as mine should strongly consider running an e-commerce store. With Shopify I can reach customers from my hometown of Fort Myers, Florida all the way to Australia. My secure boutique runs, even when I’m sleeping! By offering products from top brands such as Lucy Love, Coveted Clothing, Judith March, C Luce, Renee Collection, Aspen Bay Candles and Melie Bianco on my website, I have attracted online orders from Louisiana to New Jersey and all the way to Australia. One of our most popular pieces, custom monogrammed necklaces, fly off the “shelves” because e-commerce makes ordering and processing VERY easy and user-friendly!

Shopify helps me keep track of what is selling without the headaches of printed purchase orders. It gives me the ability to adhere to custom orders without getting frazzled. My boutique is open all day, every day. I’m a firm believer that these results are attainable for almost any e-commerce store.

A Few of My Favorite Things

I was able to get the hang of the easy-to-use shopping cart feature without a single  Tylenol®. Shopify enabled me to create an ENTIRE site that is both beautiful and user-friendly. I easily personalized templates to match my every need and specific design preference. Shopify offered me a level of security so that I can rest assured knowing that my online store is secure.

Shopify has opened doors for me that I never imagined possible, figuratively and literally. After the success of my business online, I was able to expand into storefront in historic downtown Fort Myers. I can honestly say that this was possible due to the extreme success I’ve had with my Shopify e-commerce website.


Kristen Bachmeier

Kristen is a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University and holds a BS in Marketing with a minor in Advertising. Kristen started as an intern for Atilus and spent two months getting caught up in all things tech. When not immersing herself in blogging and social media marketing, she likes to spend her time drinking coffee, kayaking, shopping, and going to theme parks (preferably Disney).


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