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Hot! Collaborate With Your Construction Team Using Egnyte

EgnyteTeamwork is important across all aspects of business – this is especially true for the construction industry. One person cannot construct a building alone! Technology is playing a hand in this as well. Construction companies are relying on technology more and more to get plans together and implemented. With Egnyte, you can easily upload and share files with your team.

Keep Up-to-Date with Projects

The olden days called for blueprints for construction plans. With Egnyte’s awesome mobile apps (they’re free if you’re a paid Egnyte user), you can bring up drawings and designs right on your smartphone or tablet. You can view and edit drawings in real-time from your laptop, smartphone or tablet using Egnyte. With that, who needs to waste all that time and paper? When you collaborate using Egnyte’s data storage, your clients, company, suppliers and vendors can all work on the most updated version of a project keeping everyone on the same page (so to speak).

Have Access Anywhere

Say your company is building a new hospital in a town far from any Internet connectivity – with Egnyte you need not worry about an interruption in access to your files. Egnyte combines with any local storage device to provide access to you even when you are offline. If you edit a file offline, that version is saved for when connection is available and is uploaded online for further use.

Organize for Efficiency

Construction companies deal with hundreds of projects a year – some larger than others. Keep separate folders for each and grant user permission controls for better workflow. If you have one team working at one location, you can give them access to that specific project. You can also use folder separation for your contractors, suppliers, etc. to keep a smoother workflow and to keep everyone up to speed on new developments.

More Value for your Budget

Purchasing and maintaining your own servers can become expensive. Along with that, you may also need to purchase and install your own virtual private network (VPN). With Egnyte, you can alleviate some of those expenses. There are plans and prices available for every kind of company (from 5-10,000 people). Stretch your IT budget a little further using Egnyte.

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