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Hot! Keep Your Legal Documents in the Cloud with Egnyte

As a lawyer, you probably know what it’s like to search and search through boxes of paper documents for case preparation. In most industries – especially legal – it’s extremely important to have every bit of information in order to keep things honest and clear. Going paperless might seem like a huge leap for your firm, but Egnyte can make that jump a little easier than you think.

No More Endless Searching

You’re probably been presented with an abundant amount of information for every new case you receive. Take those documents and put them into the cloud with Egnyte. When you use Egnyte, you can search for any document you need and it does the work for you. Do you ever give your legal assistants or interns the daunting task of searching through box after box for that one piece of information? You can’t replace them with Egnyte, but you can definitely free up some of their time to work on other (more useful) things!

EgnyteKeep Confidential Information – Confidential

Use Egnyte to be certain that your legal documents are safe and secure. With its five layers of security protection, you can be absolutely positive that your case information is kept completely confidential. Privacy can be a huge concern for anyone working in the legal industry, and Egnyte can ease that concern with its awesome security practices.

Have Information At All Times

Have you ever had a client or partner call and demand information from you regarding a case? Chances are, this has happened to you at one point. When you’re using Egnyte, you can have all information at your fingertips at all times. Take advantage of their mobile apps – they’re available for iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, and others.

More Value for your Budget

Purchasing and maintaining your own servers can become expensive. Along with that, you may also need to purchase and install your own virtual private network (VPN). With Egnyte, you can alleviate some of those expenses. There are plans and prices available for every kind of company (from 5-10,000 people). Stretch your IT budget a little further using Egnyte.

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