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Hot! HIPAA-Approved Cloud Storage Through Egnyte

Working in the medical field, nothing is more important than patient information and keeping that information private. Sharing of medical information without patient consent is a serious crime and that calls for serious repercussions. When you’re a medical professional, you sometimes need to share information with nurses, pharmacists, etc. With Egnyte, it’s easier (and more secure) to share those files and documents with peace of mind.

EgnyteCollaborate on Your Medical Treatments

In the past, medical professionals used to share patient information through email, FTP, and USB drives, but these have flaws when it comes to security. When you use Egnyte, you can share files and collaborate in real-time knowing they are safe. Using Egnyte’s security system (check out our overview of Egnyte security here). You can create folders for different patients and you can give specific users certain access. Another great feature of Egnyte’s file sharing is the ability to put an expiration on a file or link – this is great for sensitive medical information that doesn’t need to be permanently displayed.

HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is a federal law that restricts access to individuals’ private medical information. Egnyte is currently HIPAA-certified which will ensure that your information will be protected to the highest of standards.

More Value for your Budget

Purchasing and maintaining your own servers can become expensive. Along with that, you may also need to purchase and install your own virtual private network (VPN). With Egnyte, you can alleviate some of those expenses. There are plans and prices available for every kind of company (from 5-10,000 people). Stretch your IT budget a little further using Egnyte.

For more information, take a look at our Egnyte overview post or visit www.Egnyte.com.


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