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Hot! Egnyte: Cloud Storage for Your Restaurant

If you’re working in the food/restaurant industry, you might not think that cloud storage is a viable option for you. If you deal with any sort of information (and you do), then cloud storage can be for you! If you decide to go with cloud storage for your IT needs, Egnyte is the perfect option for your restaurant business whether you’re the owner of a local ice cream shop or a district manager of a giant chain of restaurants.

Share Project & Event Information

Does your restaurant participate in hosting events for customers such as wedding receptions, birthday parties, etc.? Keep everyone involved (including customers if you wish) to make sure everyone is on the same page. As an administrator, you can give limited or full access based on the information certain people need to have. Another example of using Egnyte for sharing information would be for community events. If your restaurant partakes in community fundraising, you can share plans/files with certain community leaders to keep them in the loop.

EgnyteRedesign Your Offerings

Some restaurants are updating their menus periodically to keep up with current food trends. Again, this is an area where Egnyte could prove to be very useful. Have new meal ideas? Upload them to Egnyte so everyone can see.

Do you have a designer updating the look of your new menu? Use Egnyte for your designer to upload new versions of his or her work. You can view, edit and make suggestions from Egnyte – their mobile app could also come in handy here.

More Value for your Budget

Purchasing and maintaining your own servers can become expensive. Along with that, you may also need to purchase and install your own virtual private network (VPN). With Egnyte, you can alleviate some of those expenses. There are plans and prices available for every kind of company (from 5-10,000 people). Stretch your IT budget a little further using Egnyte.

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