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egnyteEgnyte Cloud File Server is an online service that offers the facility to upload and store documents and files allowing organizations to securely store, share and back up their critical business files and it offers the ability to work with documents in a variety of different ways giving a serious level of flexibility to its users.

How does it work? Well, you can upload individual files or multiple files in one go. You can upload using the file transfer protocol (FTP) or using the Egnyte web interface.  Documents and files can be organized into folders and folders can be bookmarked.  Bookmarked folders are then available for quick access through the Egnyte bookmarks view.  Folders can be shared amongst users and permissions can be set to offer a level of protection over stored information.

A real bonus for users is that their Egnyte storage space can, in fact, be mapped as a Windows network drive, which means that users simply see it as an integral part of their Work-based IT provision.  This does take a little technical know-how, to download the custom MapegnyteDrive app and run it locally, but really, this does all the work to get your Egnyte network drive set up and ready for use.

Egnyte offers two levels of user access:

  • Power users – these are employees of the organization and are given access to all the key features of Egnyte Cloud File Server.
  • Standard Users – these are users who are given access to the specific shared folders to which they have been given permissions through a web browser interface.

With a recent facelift to its user interface, it has introduced context sensitivity, only showing the appropriate controls for the currently selected feature, to enhance its already easy-to-use features.

So what does it cost?

Egnyte is pretty standard in its pricing structure. It offers 3 different subscription offers:

  • Group at $24.99 per month:
    • 5 employees
    • 150Gb storage space (maximum file size of 2Gb)
    • Desktop sync
    • Enterprise-class security
    • Office at $44.99 per month:
      • 10 employees
      • 1Tb storage space (no maximum file size)
      • Desktop sync
      • Enterprise-class security
      • Support for FTP
      • Enterprise at $12.99 per employee per month:
        • Unlimited employees
        • 3Tb storage space per month (no maximum file size)
        • Desktop sync
        • Enterprise-class security
        • Support for FTP
        • Plus a range of other features including integration with, premium level support and audit reporting

To check Egnyte out before you commit, a free 15 day trial period is offered and you don’t need to give your credit card details for this.  For more information and to sign-up, please visit:



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