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Hot! Contact Forms For Business, Formstack Integrates With Everything!

I recently had the chance to use and configure Formstack on a WordPress site for a client. formstack-logoFormstack for those that haven’t heard of it, allows the creation of custom webforms and then easily integrates those webforms with dozens of third party applications.

Webform Creation with Formstack

Webform creation is a smooth process, with a very user-friendly interface. Some of the features available included:Form Builder

  • Several different CSS design options
  • Drag and drop field positioning
  • Unlimited fields and tons of options
  • Captcha Insertion
  • Redirect or custom messages with submissions
  • Custom confirmation emails

Field creation on the form is extremely helpful – there are examples of which fields should be used for what, such as radios and drop-downs. For beginners and veterans alike, this is a very helpful visual guide when you are choosing the fields.

Unfortunately, because of how the way integration was handled by wordpress/formstack, access to html was off-access, and pretty limited to any further customizations, and to some this might be a deal-breaker.

Formstack & Third Party Integration

In my case, Formstack was implemented in WordPress, through the use of a WP plugin, and then connected to Mailchip, where I could hand-select the lists that contacts get assigned to. Of course Mailchimp is only one of the integrations available, various other email services/cms services available for integration include:Integrations

  • Campaign Monitor
  • iContact
  • ZendDesk
  • ConstantContact
  • Google Apps
  • Google Calendar
  • Salesforce
  • WordPress
The integration with WordPress was smooth and error-free. The interface inside WordPress is exactly the same as their website, which certainly curbs the learning curve for the application.
Because of field naming and field variation between Formstack and other applications, I would strongly suggest a Free trial of Formstack and thorough testing to ensure fields are entered in the database correctly. I have not tested this enough to vouch for it.

Formstack Help & Support

Finally, I am able to comment on a topic that was true and tested, Formstack Support. From their site, once you need support there are two options available: chat and start a ticket. I have used both and the answers, even though not the ones I would like to hear, were helpful and prompt.

Overall Formstack solves an important and ongoing issue lots of companies have: inputting fresh leads automatically in their database of choice to streamline the email maintenance and marketing. While there are features to be desired, Formstack does offer tons of API’s for seamless integration with several providers and we are all looking forward to seeing services such as this improving marketing practices for all types of businesses.


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