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Hot! Power Purchasing: Delivering Savings to Associations & Small Business Everyday

Power Purchasing is a Group Purchasing Organization that offers deep discounts on everyday office products to businesses and associations of all sizes.

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Power Purchasing was founded by Donna Marks. Donna is not your typical small business owner. She spent years working for a multi-billion dollar venture firm in Chicago that bought undervalued companies, significantly restructured them to make them profitable, and eventually resold them.

Donna would examine each company’s overhead in order to find opportunities to reduce expenditures through leveraging her firm’s buying power. As a top-level executive for one of the nation’s largest venture firms, Donna was responsible in negotiating deep savings for businesses that were under her care.

The Group Buying Experts For Small Businesses

Eventually, the venture firm went public and most of the staff was let go, including Donna. But Donna wanted to continue to draw on that experience of being able to negotiate deep discounts for businesses through strength in numbers. She felt a strong desire to continue pursuing a calling in life where she would save businesses money. The dream opened its doors as Power Purchasing 15 years ago.

Donna is a self-admitted champion of small business. What she didn’t realize, though, was just how hard it would be to negotiate discounts as a start-up cooperative group purchasing organization:

“It was much tougher than I expected, because of the small size of the businesses we were trying to help. Most group buying programs are focused on particular industries, while Power Purchasing was focused on many types of businesses.”

Donna decided to focus on providing negotiated discounts on office supplies. Slowly, more and more small businesses became members, and membership numbers started to give them entre to speak with more and more vendors. “It took about 5 years before the company figured out the right formula – to come up with a model that really started working.”

Power Purchasing: Using Group Purchasing to Fight for Small Business Success

Today, although Power Purchasing boasts more than 100,000 members, Donna hasn’t forgotten her ‘small business’ roots. “We have negotiated even deeper discounts for our small businesses because we are one of the largest group purchasing organizations in the nation. Although today we focus primarily on group savings for associations, we still offer our benefits to small businesses. We want every entrepreneur and business to have the power of save money like the big guys.”

Power Purchasing began expanding their business online through website development and internet marketing. In the past, “the web was only a place for people to register.” However, today they use the internet to attract people across the United States. The transition to using the web to obtain leads coincides with a transition to primarily serving associations.

“We still wanted to offer our discounts to businesses. I hold a special place in my heart that wants to help businesses succeed. That will never change.”

Saving for Small Business & Associations Everyday

Although Power Purchasing focuses today on serving associations throughout the United States, they still offer their discounts to businesses and entrepreneurs. “Giving away our expertise to our customers is my favorite thing. We recognize that small business owners don’t have an expert purchasing agent for each area of purchasing. Many probably don’t even realize the amount of money they could be saving. They appreciate our free help with that.”

Using Power Purchasing programs is as simple as logging in to Office Depot online with your Power Purchasing login information. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard ‘I don’t have to do anything – I just login online and order what I need.”

It’s that simple.

“One of the greatest things for me was when a member called to tell me that they just used our copy/print program at Office Depot® and saved over $300 on one purchase. It’s still so exciting to save people money. That never gets old!  Another small business called to thank me after signing up for our First Data®’s credit card processing service. They saved $203.81 the first month and $2445.76 over the course of the first year! Small business owners know that kind of money can make or break you!”

The Future of Small Business and Association Group Purchasing

Power Purchasing started 15 years ago as a small business. Today, they are one of the largest group purchasing organizations for associations in the United States, but they aren’t resting on their laurels.

“We just brought on a company called TransWorld Systems – a “profit recovery system” or “collection agency.” The reason that we are so excited with this provider is because the end customer (who isn’t paying you) doesn’t even know that it’s another company sending the statements to recover money owed to you. They automatically take over with a friendly professional collection process that you select.”

Typically, this type of service costs about $600 for small businesses up front, but Power Purchasing negotiated a very reasonable $9.50 pay-per-use fee.  No commitment and no commissions.

“We used the business first and paid $9.50 to collect on outstanding balance of $2000. It was incredible how painless it was!” New members are automatically offered new discounts from retailers and service providers such as these.

These aren’t the only great things that Power Purchasing offers small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. New members always get a gift and there are monthly specials and giveaways. For more information, or to join and receive your free iPhone stand, visit PowerPurchasingNow.com/Business.


Kristen Bachmeier

Kristen is a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University and holds a BS in Marketing with a minor in Advertising. Kristen started as an intern for Atilus and spent two months getting caught up in all things tech. When not immersing herself in blogging and social media marketing, she likes to spend her time drinking coffee, kayaking, shopping, and going to theme parks (preferably Disney).


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