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Hot! How To Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts, Solutions for Your Business

Perhaps the hardest job for a blogger dogpaddling in the sea of self-published blogs is to be noticed. The more time you spend frantically waving your arms for attention, the less time you spend swimming, and the more likely you are to sink. The trick is to seek publicity smarter, not more often. There are few social media tools that allow a blogger to increase his or her reach, without sinking below the waves.

Facebook and Twitter are the staples of the blogger’s social media diet.  More and more companies are recognizing the benefit of dedicated social media gurus whose job it is to respond to @ mentions of their brand.  Occasionally mentioning a brand in a Tweet or Facebook post shows an interest in that brand’s product and can serve to create a relationship with their social media specialist.  That relationship can often be a foot in the door for further partnership.  After a few social media interactions with Krylon, I was offered a one-time paid writing opportunity with them.  It was the first step I needed to begin establishing a connection with the national brand.


HootSuiteSocial media can be a time suck for a small business.  The benefits of active social media use are huge, but the time expenditure is heavy.  Hootsuite is a great one-stop shop to keep track of your brand’s social media activity.  Right now, I use HootSuite to keep track of Twitter and Facebook interactions.  Hootsuite recently unveiled the ability to add Google+ to your dashboard, but only allows personal pages to be added.

Features:  In addition to keeping your social media corralled in one location, Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts ahead of time, which is a fantastic time saver.  It also allows you to instantly shorten the length of URLs to save on limited Twitter characters.


As a craft/ DIY blogger, Pinterest is the single biggest source of incoming traffic for my site.  Any visually oriented blog

Pinterest(photography, foodie, fashion, etc.) will benefit from an active presence on Pinterest.  More and more brands are creating Pinterest boards and will search out projects and ideas to populate them.  Being included on a large brand’s Pinterest board can widen the reach of a blog post in seconds.

After being pinned to a national magazine’s board, I was approached with an offer to have that project featured in an upcoming issue.  One social media encounter resulted in a mass-market printing.  That is the power of Pinterest.


Pinerly is a newer website that is still in BETA testing.  The site is free, but you must invite friends to be able to be able to access the different features of the service.

Features:  The dashboard will allow you to create campaigns for specific pins to be posted to Pinterest.  Their dashboard then gives you metrics for that campaign, including clicks, like, repins, and reach. 


The final tool I use to increase my brand’s reach is MailChimp.  This free service allows me to send a professional newsletter to a list of subscribers.  I can included brand news, feature readers, and promote brands and advertisers to a group of dedicated readers.

Features:  The free MailChimp service provides customizable mail campaigns, embeddable forms, and detailed engagement reports.


These free services allow me to engage brands and my readers in a deliberate way, to maximize the results of the interaction.  Smart, organized social media use can be the difference the blogger who sinks and the blogger who swims.



Jessica Hill – Jessica is the slightly-unbalanced blogger of Mad in Crafts. She used to spend her days teaching Shakespeare and Longfellow to high school students, trying desperately to make the classics modern for her students… or at least to keep them awake for the 45 minute class period. Now, she teaches readers how to combine classic style with modern trends in decorating, DIY, cooking, writing, and more! On Mad in Crafts, Jessica exercises her creativity by writing craft tutorials – and she exercises her inner schoolmarm through her Mad Writing Skills series. This series tackles writing issues faced by bloggers, especially craft bloggers, and suggests specific, practical strategies for dealing with those challenges.


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