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Hot! Project Management Software ToDoist and WeDoist Keeps It Simple

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The editorial staff at Zincubate recently had the opportunity to discuss and with Amir Salihefendic, Founder of Doist Ltd.

What is and Todoist?

Wedoist, launched in 2010, offers users the ability to manage projects, add status updates, tasks and upload documents. Multiple users can collaborate on any project they’ve been invited to. Any task, status update or file can be labeled to any specific person or everyone at once. All tasks (from a single project or across all projects) can be synchronized with a calendar software through iCal feeds. Wedoist’s goal is to allow people working online to easily manage their workload through an online application with a minimalist design and ease of use should improve team productivity and communication and not stand in the way of managing the tasks at hand.

Todoist was published in January of 2007. It is a web-based task management service developed by Doist.  In July 2012, with the implementation of HTML5 technology, Todoist became the first cloud-based task manager incorporating offline accessibility across all customer services. Todoist’s vision is to offer easy to use software with a simple and clean design which should not stand in the way of managing personal tasks and increase the productivity of the user by letting him concentrate on the task itself and not the management of his to-dos.

Would you tell us a little bit more about the product and some of the challenges about developing it?

The greatest challenge was to combine simplicity with usability. It’s very easy to add as many features as you can and create a complex product difficult to use, but it’s a big challenge to make a powerful app while maintaining a clean design and ease-of-use. Another challenge is of course cross-platform compatibility. We offer a wide variety of browser plugins, email client add-ons, mobile apps – all cloud based, but also capable of offline work thanks to the HTML5 technology which we’ve implemented as the first online task manager service utilizing this technology.

What Are Some of the Software’s Special Features?

Todoist enables creations of tasks and sub-tasks grouped within projects and sub-projects which can then be “checked off” upon completion. Each task can have a due date, label, priority or notes attached to it. Tasks can be viewed within projects or search results – temporal, by label or by priority. All tasks can be synchronized with a calendar software through an iCal feed.

Todoist can be accessed directly through the web-app. It boasts a variety of browser plugins for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or “Todoist Anywhere” (a JavaScript-based overlay accessible through a bookmarked URL in any browser), an iOS app, and a mini version optimized for touch screens. All these features are HTML5-based and can be accessed on and offline.

How Does WeDoist and ToDoist Project Management Software Help Small Businesses?

Wedoist helps any team of any size to “meet” in one place regardless of their location and concentrate of the projects and tasks at hand. You can visit to see how Doist’s own team is spread out around the world (and hardly any of them have ever met)! The complete history of every status update, comment, added or completed tasks is accessible in one place giving the team a great view of how they progress, which motivates them to reach the goals set for a project.

Small businesses no longer need to purchase very expensive project management tools, with Wedoist, project management software has become affordable for even small businesses.

Are Either Products Highly Technical to Use?

One of the greatest things about Todoist is its ease of use. It is often described as “minimalist.” No one needs to read through long manuals or go through trainings to be able to use the software. You set up your account in 20 seconds and you can start using the service immediately. Everything is very intuitive. Todoist even supports “regular date” formats. You can type “every day” or “next Monday” to set a due date.

Thanks to intuitive design, tasks or project can be easily broken down into sub-tasks and sub-projects – all without any technical knowledge. The general simplicity also applies to Wedoist. Although project management is more complex than task management, we believe that with Wedoist we have managed to create a simple and intuitive project management software.

What Considerations Were Taken to Keep It Simple?

The company philosophy has always been to help people increase their productivity, and an important step to achieve this goal is to write things down and break them into smaller goals which we rendered possible with Todoist. At the same time it should also be accessible from everywhere – so a person can manage their tasks no matter where he or she is.

We currently support nine platforms and have great integration with a lot of them – for example, our Chrome plugin makes it possible to add Gmail emails as tasks (and hence manage a person’s busy inbox). Our desktop apps bring Todoist to the desktop and integrate nicely into both Windows and Mac environments (it’s easy to add a task from anywhere using a global keyboard shortcut). We do not quite support as many platforms for Wedoist yet, but we’re working on it.

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