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Hot! UK-Based Equinox-Apps to Sponsor Eventing Prizes

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Equinox-Apps, producers of equestrian related iPhone and iPad apps, is to sponsor British Eventing prizes for the Junior andSplashscreen Pony National Championships that will take place at the end of the 2013 season.

“Eventing is a sport we love and we wanted to give something back,” said Barbara Gibbs who handles all the company’s marketing.  The two special prizes will be given to the highest place newcomers in each of the Pony and Junior One Star championship competitions.  “It’s often difficult for youngsters who are in their first season in the British Eventing Pony and Junior programmes, to get themselves noticed above the more experienced competitors.   Offering a newcomers prize, gives these kids something realistic to aim for,” Barbara added.

Equinox-Apps’ flagship app is the British Eventing Dressage Tests app that is now in its second successful year of sales.  InScreen shot 2011-05-17 at 14.13.27 this specialised, niche market, it retails at £9.99/$13.99.  Equinox-Apps now have 3 additional apps on the iOS market:

  • My Pole Strides – takes the guessing out of spacing poles and calculate steps needed for trot, canter and bounce poles & jumps based on individual shoe sizes.  Saves the user’s custom steps.
  • Horse Stretching Exercises – comprehensive set of equine stretches, with description, pictures and voice over instructions to help keep all horses in tip-top condition.
  • Equine Vaccination Manager – calculates early and late dates for equine vaccination and stores individual horse vaccination dates.

Two further apps are now in development, with details being kept close to their chest in this increasingly competitive & growing market.

As a technology company, Equinox-Apps makes good use of cloud-based products to help manage its developments.  With a distributed development team, it is essential that all involved can keep in regular touch, share designs & code and work together to test and refine the apps.  Their product of choice is Central Desktop.

“We run each app development as a distinct IT project and can store all of our project related documentation in one central place that all of our developers can have access to from any location. We share code amongst different apps, too, so we store code snippets and files centrally and this helps speed up development of apps where we can re-use tried and tested components,” said Barbara.

For more information on Equinox-Apps and their products, please see:


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