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Hot! A New Way to Market Through Social Media: Photo Sharing

People sharing their thoughts, tips, and knowledge online is nothing new. Blogging has been around for quite some time and has simply evolved into something bigger (or smaller if you’re talking about content) and more connected. We are now connected to each other in many ways at all times. We’ve got social communities that link people together like never before – I can find potential jobs on LinkedIn, follow my favorite celebrities on Twitter, and see updates from distant relatives on Facebook. These social networks aren’t faltering by any means, but we are beginning to see a shift in the way we share things.

Say Hello to Visual Marketing

I was reading an article about the rise of sharing images on social media outlets. People are sharing images left and right on Facebook and Twitter, and have even seen the introduction of a social network that relies solely on images: Pinterest. Content is still #1, but can a picture send a message more effectively than words? It’s clear that the sharing of photos on social networks is going to become yet another one of the ways to market a product, but will it work?

According to this article, 44% of respondents are most likely to engage with brands that post pictures more than any other media. This can be extremely beneficial for companies that are in certain industries, particularly fashion and food. I am a big fan of how Detavio Samuals, the EVP of Client Services at GlobalHue, explains imagery in social media posts. He refers to them as “movie trailers for written content.” Users can see if the post interests them or not, and move on. Starbucks

From personal experience, I’ve also noticed a difference in the way people are sharing. I sift through more pictures of my friends’ “fantastic” lives than read about them (which is fine with me). And as a consumer, I can see why companies are slowly turning their focus to sharing photos and images to connect with customers. Just today, Starbucks announced the addition of their seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte through an image on Facebook. Seeing a picture of it made it more exciting and also made me want to go out and buy one immediately (being the Starbucks addict that I am).

Interacting With Customers Through Visual Marketing

Sharing photos online isn’t just about show-and-tell, it’s also another way to interact with your customers and keep the conversation going. For example, Coca-Cola recently uploaded a photo asking users what Coke goes with. Their answer(s)? Everything! Coach, the luxury clothing and accessory line, has also taken notice of the rise of visual marketing. To solicit writers for their Legacy Issue of Coach Magazine, the company started off with a photo share. Using imagery seems to be a great way to keep customers both engaged and informed. Social networks for business are great ways to communicate with customers – if you’ve got something to show to your customers, show it! If they like it, they’ll read it.

Do you share photos with your fans, followers, etc.? Have you noticed a difference in customer interaction? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


Kristen Bachmeier

Kristen is a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University and holds a BS in Marketing with a minor in Advertising. Kristen started as an intern for Atilus and spent two months getting caught up in all things tech. When not immersing herself in blogging and social media marketing, she likes to spend her time drinking coffee, kayaking, shopping, and going to theme parks (preferably Disney).


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