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Hot! TimeTac: Web-Based Time Tracking Software

Small business owners know what it’s like to manage employee time and productivity. It often becomes difficult when, as a manager, you wear many hats in your business. Prying into employee time and productivity should not take up a great deal of time – this is where time tracking software comes into play.

Interview with TimeTac CEO Bernd Pichlbauer

I recently had the opportunity to speak the cofounder and CEO of TimeTac, a cloud-based employee time tracking program to find out just what time tracking software has to offer and what sets TimeTac apart from other time tracking tools.


What is TimeTac?

TimeTac is cloud based, online, employee time tracking. You can record your working hours from wherever you have Internet access, on whatever device. In the morning, you simply log in, state what tasks or projects you’re working on, and then log out at the end of the day. You get an exact, accurate record of where you spend your time, which helps make sure you and your employees get paid the right amount and those invoices get dispatched to clients. The software helps you plan future appointments, improves employee motivation on tasks and even allows you to book your holiday time. You gain all of that, from simply saying “I went to work today.”

What are the key features that differentiate TimeTac from other time-tracking software?

Everyone offers the ability to bill clients. It’s incredibly useful, but not groundbreaking. The time you record with TimeTac also helps the organization and its employees. You can create working time models, where you can define core hours, overtime hours and overtime rates. You can also use the inbuilt leave day planner to manage your vacation requests, and apply for compensation time off when you’ve worked additional hours. TimeTac is a time tracking program that uses recorded time data to become a useful human resource planner. There are even NFC options for our software, which are ideal for construction sites, retail sites, factories etc.

What is the most difficult part of managing employee time without time-tracking software?

Automation. You don’t have control. TimeTac does not pry on what employees are doing; the responsibility lies solely with the employee. However, when you or your employees use TimeTac, you know that time is being recorded accurately and precisely. This makes invoicing precise, reduces quarrels in the workplace and gives you the security that everyone is working on their projects and tasks.

Why did you create TimeTac?

Working as freelancers didn’t make managing time easy. Clients would receive many hours free labor on a project, simply because we could not accurately maintain a record of our time. When I was thinking of hitting the pillow in Singapore, the others were travelling through Europe and eating breakfast in Mexico; work was less than productive, to put it nicely. We wanted a solution where we could work independently, whilst accurately recording where our days went. We then thought of TimeTac and it soared into the market; not just to freelancers on the open road, but also to companies of all sizes, in all sectors.

How many users do you currently have?
We currently have more than 100 clients, which totals towards approximately 1500 users. A large proportion of our customers originate from German speaking lands, but we recently went live in English, attracting clients from the USA, UK, France and India.

What is the most surprising thing about running TimeTac?

You never know where your next customer is coming from. One day you’ll be answering an e-mail enquiry to a company of 10 employees, then the next day you’ll receive a phone call from a company looking to accommodate several hundred employees. The mixture between companies is what we love the most; it’s often the smaller companies that have requests for features that they would like us to create for them!

Where do you see your company in 1 year? 5 years?

We’ve got a few features coming in the next year that will widen our scope of abilities even further than our competitors. This will help us build more into the international market over the next 12 months. As for 5 years’ time; I can see us as a market leader.

Anything else you would like to add about your company?

I mentioned creating features for clients a minute ago. That is what we call our main selling point. TimeTac is modularly developed, so it can be customized in many ways. We often build custom made solutions for businesses, pulling customers away from the big names. When there is a feature that somebody needs, our customers know to just give us a call and request it; everything from different displays to customized export functions. The direct feedback and request relationship builds our program, builds our customer base, and builds our clients themselves.

For more information about TimeTac or to sign up for a FREE 30-day trial, click here.


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