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Hot! Weebly Web Builder Tool

Weebly is a web development tool for businesses of all sizes. The benefit of this particular FREE online tool is that you do not need much more technological proficiency than you would for Microsoft Word. It’s fast, easy, and secure.

Drag and Drop

The best feature of Weebly is that it offers you the ability to drag and drop content, images, and many other multimedia features onto the web page without knowing the ins and outs of HTML and CSS. There are hundreds of templates to choose from – once you select one, you can customize the site to suit your company’s color scheme.

Websites built with Weebly.com enable you to add a blog easily. Once the appearance of the site has been established with a template and color scheme you like, adding the blog (through clicking on the “Settings” tab and adding a new page – then selecting the blog template) is easy.  The reason that the blog is so important is because search engines crawl or catalog)websites based on the addition of new, original content. Not only that, but  search engines also catalog information based on the frequency with which it is published. The bottom line is that good, frequent additions of content are very important for you to rank for keywords in Google search results.

Cloud Hosting – Fast, Secure, Reliable

Another benefit of choosing Weebly as your web development tool is the powerful hosting that is offered to you – again, for FREE. Cloud servers ensure that your website is not down when others may be. Traditional location-based servers can be much less reliable and are more susceptible to damage and downtown when the physical location is affected (such as during a thunderstorm or natural disaster that forces an electrical outage). If you prefer to use another cloud based hosting (for use with a WordPress or Joomla website), we recommend Liquid Web. (We will discuss more some of the benefits of LiquidWeb.com in a future article, but for now it is good just to mention it for you to check it out).

Multimedia Features and the iPhone App

There are multimedia features that offer you the ability to publish videos and edit pictures. If you have some technical proficiency, you can even embed YouTube videos on your site with some simple coding. Recent developments from Weebly include an iPhone app for use when you are not in front of your computer. This feature was designed to help keep up with business world on the go.

What’s the Rub

The only downside to Weebly is that the cost for registering a domain name (you are offered a domain such as www.sample.weebly.com at no cost) through Weebly.com can be more expensive than purchasing one through www.GoDaddy.com. There is a work around in that you are able to purchase your domain name and point the DNS records to Weebly’s hosting, which allows you to save money and still enjoy all of the benefits of the simplicity that Weebly offers. Weebly is a perfect option for businesses with a smaller online marketing budget or for those entrepreneurs who would like to do it themselves. Check them out at Weebly.com.


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