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Hot! What is Kona?

Kona is one of the relatively new names on the block of online, on-demand collaboration applications.  So what is Kona?  In kona main screenfact, it’s an app that manages to-do lists, allowing groups and teams of people of people to manage and work together in a workspace-based environment.  Available in web-based, iOS and Android formats, Kona is particularly appealing because it is free!  Kona promotes itself on the basis of: Getting connected, getting organized and getting things done, across personal life groups, work-based project teams and social communication and media.

As a product, it aims to help individuals manage both their work and their personal projects and activities in a single place, helping people get the best out of their lives by giving them the full picture of what’s currently on the go or planned.

The in-built functionality lets its users create several workspaces, where each can represent different projects. Team members can then be invited to join and contribute to those projects.

By categorizing your tasks, based on topics, in your task lists and choosing which team members can see which projects, you can keep strong control of your activities.  The look and feel of the interface can also be customized to suit your needs, whether that is to match your corporate colors or just your own preference.

To help keep that big-picture of your work in focus, Kona offers a single dashboard view that brings together the key elements of your projects, to-do lists. The dashboard also lets you home in on a set of tasks or activities that need your attention.

The free mobile versions of Kona ensure that team members for a project are able to keep well up to speed whilst on the move.kona mobile

Kona isn’t just about managing tasks lists in workspaces, though, you can also create and manage different events, such as, meetings, and milestones, which once created will be visible and accessible through the side bar within the interface.  This means there’s no need to swap between different views to find the information you’re looking for – it’s all there for you in one place!

Kona has a appealing interface, good functionality and is simple to use.  It’s certainly worth a trail if you’re looking for something to help you manage your busy life.

For more information on  Kono and to sign up for your free account, please visit: www.kono.com.


Jan Birley

Jan holds a PhD in computing and started out in software development and IT training. She built a strong career as a project and program manager focusing on IT in the Health Service sector. Jan specializes in taking greenfield and immature services/departments to effective business-as-usual operation and is currently responsible for the delivery of clinical assessment forms into a high profile clinical system. Jan has authored 100′s of articles on project-management related topics.