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Hot! WORKetc and its New Social Media Integration

WORKetc, the powerful, cloud based, project management application, is now integrating itself with social media sites to bringworkets huge benefits to its client base. Using a data-matching algorithm from a 3rd party, WORKetc will now import contacts from Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, bringing in their name and location, along with their email address.  The algorithm works by taking your contact name & email address and then matching social media profiles that fit.  By choosing the right match from those presented by the matching algorithm, WORKetc will then update your contact information. It will also store contact profiles locally for you and will create a unified activity stream.  This is phase  1 of this type of social media integration with a further 2 phases planned to bring even further benefits.

Sound good? Indeed, it does, but in reality, what does this give you and how is it useful?  Well, take a scenario where you want to employ a new member of your development team and the candidates all have Linkedin profiles.  This new integration will allow you to go directly, in this example, to Linkedin to find and review the applicants’ profiles and you can do with without having to come out of WORKetc!

Consider another scenario, you are introducing a new product and want to market this out to your interested clients via email.  This integration will let you select a list of contacts based on their match for interest in your new product.  Using extra information linkedinfrom the profile matching, you can build yourself contact lists that match a range of criteria, for example, people holding a particular type of role, people who are not yet customers, the list is, essentially, endless.

So when will this new functionality be available?  The current beta and new tags update will go live for all customers in the last week of June.

WORKetc offers a free trial so you can try it out before you commit to paying any subscription.  Subscriptions can, of course, be cancelled at any time with no penalty, but it’s worth noting that in June this year, the pricing for WORKetc is changing. Signing up now will guarantee today’s prices.

For more information on WORKetc and to sign up for a free trial, please visit:




Jan Birley

Jan holds a PhD in computing and started out in software development and IT training. She built a strong career as a project and program manager focusing on IT in the Health Service sector. Jan specializes in taking greenfield and immature services/departments to effective business-as-usual operation and is currently responsible for the delivery of clinical assessment forms into a high profile clinical system. Jan has authored 100′s of articles on project-management related topics.