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Hot! WORKetc What’s in the Next Major Release?

The next major release for WORKetc, the popular collaborative project management tool, will cover a number of areas:Worketc screen 1

  • Improvements to the existing custom fields feature
  • Facility to save views
  • Updated Sales and CRM to include tables that can be customized
  • Account roles and permissions to give greater control over who can access and update project related information

This major release will result in changes to the underlying workings of the application and, with this in mind, WORKetc is being offered on a beta release basis for the first twenty who choose to opt in (a limitation set on the first run of the beta release).  Migration onto the beta release involves only a maximum of five minutes down time but does need time zone settings to be in place within the user’s account.

In addition to new and improved functionality, the WORKetc infrastructure was upgraded at the beginning of March to an architecture offering full redundancy with load balancing and SQL clustering, bringing with it the following improvements:

  • A significant improve in the performance on all accounts
  • The ability to increase the size of the WORKetc business by over a three times

Another key development for WORKetc in 2012 is its implementation of a dedicated, that is housed off-site and allows for daily backups that have a retention period of 14 days.  So, if everything goes belly-up, they can restore full state.

The team at WORKetc is also hoping to deliver another beta release covering integration with Xero, Quickbooks Desktop and improved Google Contact Syncs in the near future.

More about WORKetc

WORKetc, based in Australia, is a collaborative project management application that is aimed primarily at the smaller business.  Established first in 2006, WORKetc is accessed as an on-demand service over the internet and is purchased through a subscription payment, currently set at $39Worketc screen per calendar month. Functionality includes customer relationship management, centralized storage of project and business documents, billing, task and milestone management, across an unlimited number of projects, Gantt charting and a calendar facility.

Encouraging teams to work in a collaborative way, sharing and working together on tasks and information, often in real time, is one of the key advantages of today’s online project management tools, like WORKetc.  Its interface is colorful and intuitive with users tending to find it easy to understand and navigate around its features.

For more information on WORKetc and to sign up for a free trial period, please visit:


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