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Hot! Wrike Introduces Change Tracking to its Real-time Collaborative Editor

Wrike is popular cloud based project management application that supports collaboration across distributed teams. Its functionality covers most of what you might expect from a comprehensive project management application, including wrike_changecreating and managing a project schedule, prioritization of activities, along with the ability to discuss and track the progress of the project.

Wrike aims to be the central project focus with an easy to use, intuitive interface that is secure and reliable.

In a recent update, that came into effect in April, 2013, Wrike has introduced the ability to track changes within its real-time wrike_changes1collaborative editor.  Used correctly, the detailed descriptions for project tasks provide the complete context needed to ensure the task is completed in the right way at the right time.  Using the real-time collaborative editor, team members can make updates to task descriptions and those updates are immediately available to the rest of the team.  And, if you’re not online when an important update is made, the new change tracking functionality in Wrike will keep track so you can view all additions, edits and deletions next time you login, with a history of the changes being tracked very simply within the Activity Stream.

Not only can you view the history of changes but you can, in fact, revert back, with a single click, to an earlier version if you are not happy with the updates that have been made.

Wrike likes to listen to its clients and bases most of its updates on user feedback. This is just one of may updates to Wrike that the development team are working on.


More on Wrike

Wrike has been around in the online project management space for over 5 years now and is continuing its steady growth with customers spanning over 50 countries worldwide. Wrike  has been recognised within this competitive industry with a number of awards and nominations.

Wrike offers a range of pricing packages to suit most budgets, with all of the paid subscription plans including the Premuim features:

  • $49 – 5 users, 5Gb storage
  • $99 – 15 users, 15Gb storage
  • $129 – 25 users, 50Gb storage
  • $199 – 50 users, 100Gb storage
  • Free: offers Wrike’s key features for a maximum of 5 users and unlimited collaborators and you have the option to transfer to a premium plan any time to suit you.

For more information and to sign up for a free trial, please see www.wrike.com





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